I am a PMP® certified engineer and project manager, I work as a consultant with over 20 years of experience. I was hired at large construction sites, industries in the Energy, Automotive, Logistics and Financial Institutions sectors, both SMEs and multinationals as Head of Services and Projects (manager) I am an expert in project management control in the Construction, Telecom, Insurance sectors and in digital.

Site planner, civil, infrastructure, maritime and systems

PMP® Project Manager - Planner & Controller

I deal with the management of Engineering Procurement & Construction projects, with the planning and control of the work scheduling, taking care of reports, processing sheets and project S-curves.

Formatore in Project management, metodologie e applicazioni

Trainer in Project management, methodologies and applications


Project Management software expert such as Oracle Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project Professional. Trainer on project management theories and trainer on the main Project Management information systems.

Technical consultant CTP, CTU


I am accredited as a Technical Consultant for Claims on time schedules and in ComputerForensic, with Judicial institutions and Legal Studies and I have established mutual collaborations with other Professionals, Engineers and Consulting Companies.

Technical director of consultancy

Project Management & Process improvement - PMPI Spa

On behalf of PMPI Spa I manage commercial contact with customers, the selection and training of consultants, the creation of offers for consultancy and projects.
I therefore coordinate the implementation of projects in project management, maintenance engineering, training.


ratings and areas of expertise
Project Management

Project Management

the application of knowledge, attitudes, tools and techniques to the activities of a project in order to achieve its objectives. Project Management EPC - Turn key schedule design, update, control ad reporting,

Ordine Ingegneri SV - albo 93B

Order of Engineers SV - register 93B

Technical Consultant of Office and Party. Analysis of digital crime bodies, data recovery and investigative analysis on IT devices. Analysis of claims on contracts and time schedules.

Certificatore energetico Lombardia

Lombardy Energy Certification

APE: Energy Performance Certification licensed by CENED n. 17655

Certificatore energetico Liguria

Liguria energy certificate

APE: Energy Performance Certification licensed by Regione Liguria n. 4809

Certificatore energetico Piemonte

Piedmont energy certifier

APE: Energy Performance Certification licensed by SIPEE n. 109630

Real estate developement

Real estate development, commercial, production and residential, comparative assessment of properties and properties, development of contacts and search for opportunities for customers, investors, builders.

Digital strategy

This Wordpress site, its SEO positioning and the Social campaigns that make it visible.
I also manage pages on behalf of professionals, companies and associations. Management of recruiting campaigns on Linkedin.

Teacher trainer

Training on: Project planning and control methodologies, Basic and advanced use of Ms Project and Oracle Primavera P6. Security awareness: awareness of the risks on digital information.

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at the end of the training courses, I ask my students if they want to leave feedback on the time spent together


ICT Security Course

Andrea conducted a seminar in the company that I found extremely valuable. He demonstrated a high level of competence and his presentation was clear and immediately feasible. His way of communicating was open and inviting to questions (he expressed appreciation for them) and he willingly gave his time to answer the questions thoroughly. Andrea is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is contagious. I would certainly recommend it for any training on this topic.

General Contractor

General Contractor

project planning and control

Andrea was a precious support of the Technical Director and of the Construction Site Manager for the EPC activities in the planning and control of a construction plan of over € 300 million.
• To manage the #039 contractor, the subcontractors and the Customer.
• Planning and management of service providers, materials and services of #039, works, Italians and foreigners and subcontractors
• Definition of the project WBS, elaboration of the work plan and analysis of the logical connections between Engineering. Procurement and Construction activities, with continuous reference to the metric calculation and other technical literature in the project and drawings.



Oracle Primavera P6

Andrea held an advanced course for #039, using Primavera P6 at our Oil & Gas extraction company. I noticed a profound aptitude for bringing the class closer and making communication fluid. In addition to considerable experience, given by his work at large construction sites but also in different business sectors. He immediately put us at ease making us simulate work situations and making 5 days of training interesting. Andrea is extremely enthusiastic about his work, which is a mixture of construction site work and classroom training, which makes it very credible. I would like to work more often with our company because he knows what it's like to involve rather than bore.



Planning & Cost controller

• Monitoring of the plan and possible addition of additional initially unforeseen activities;
• Design of S-production curves / expected revenues (general, engineering, procurement and construction) and actual baseline Vs. planned
• Definition and standard processing of the report set: work plan, CP analysis, S curve, table of project milestones and float management.
• Preparation of periodic reports for the site manager regarding the progress of the work.

MEP planner

MEP planner

HVAC project manager

In the project management office team of the project on Cold Nuclear, for the construction of the vacuum chamber, the heart of the ITER project, and other important components, such as superconducting coils and divertori.

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Plan Academy

Here is a series of updated news on Planning & Project control, including information on the use of the most popular planning software (Primavera P6 / Ms Project)

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